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'CSE Partner Network' helps organizations to grow with an effective affiliation with the department of Computer Science & Engineering at University of Moratuwa.

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Partner Benefits

Access Student Profiles
Know your future employee!
Access to the student registry of all batches. The student profiles will comprise of brief introductions about the students and their competencies.
Participate in Research
Make CSE your product idea trail and test lab!
Propose research projects (for Final Year and 3rd Year Projects) to be carried out by the students. In addition, partners will be able to follow the research work being carried out in the department to make use of such.
Conduct University Sessions
Get your tool chains to the university!
Needs for external uni-sessions (technical and soft-skill) are listed through this portal. Partners get the opportunity to facilitate sessions of their interests, which in turn will be an opening to enhance the collaboration with the students.
Assemble a Team
Build your extended CSR team!
Collaborate with students to engage them in organizational activities such as event planning, CSR, software development, etc., by forming teams according to your preference.
Plan for Events
Manage your corporate identity among the talent pool!
Access to the department's event calendar. This will help the organizations to pre-plan participation to the events and offer sponsorships to receive the optimum benefits through engagement activities.
Shape-up the Curriculum
Be the change you want!
Partners will be invited for planning meetings of the department activities. This is an opportunity for the organizations to make a positive impact to the academic curriculum and other events of the department.